Introducing the Wild Creators Club

Join me in this sacred, weekly time & space for nurturing your creative genius, supporting your creative process & launching your creative projects.

Let’s work (on our own) TOGETHER.

For one hour, every week, for three months.

Whether you’re tenderly tending to a budding baby idea, expanding your current mission, starting a new business, or building your unique brand, the Wild Creators Club is focused on two of the most essential creative tools to help you make it happen...

I’d love for you to unleash your creativity along side me, and join us for this wild, new creative community adventure!

Beginning MONDAY, September 18

Through December 18

Mondays at NOON (central)

For a 3-month creative season

(no Wild Creators Club the week of Thanksgiving)

Sign-up below to join us for $30/MONTHLY

Or commit to the FULL CREATIVE SEASON for $90

During this dedicated time & space for creation, there’ll be no consumption (other than your lunch, if you’d like) 😉
No info consumption. No lessons. No lectures. No learning...

Wild Creators Club WILL offer a consistent, dedicated, time, space, & supportive community to help you nurture & support your unique creative process, creative genius, & creative projects.

Some BENEFITS of Joining the Club

  • 11 dedicated creative hours (over the full, 3-month season).
  • 4-hours per month!
  • Over 12 week’s time
  • Community & accountability partners
  • Support for your Creative Process/Practice/Projects
  • Support with Getting Started
  • Support with Following Through on Next Step(s)
  • Support with Launching & Sharing
  • Support with Resting & Recreating

Join us for this short season of intentional, creative time & space to plant new idea-seeds & grow your next big idea.

Commit to ONE MONTH (4-hours total) or the FULL (3-month) SEASON

One Month


One Month of Creative Support

4 work hours (1-hour/week)

4 consistent weeks

Community & accountability

Ongoing creative support

3-Month Season


Three Months of Creative Support

11 work hours (1-hour/week)

11 consistent weeks

Community & accountability

Ongoing creative support