The Creative Process

If we want more creative innovative solutions, we’ll need more creative, innovative thinkers & creators who are in it for the long haul.

These articles are full of ideas, insights, tips, and tools to help you rediscover and nurture your own creative process.

They’re also about learning how to see things differently, think more creatively, and make more aligned, authentic decisions.

I believe in the power of creativity to connect us with our true selves and help us live more joyful, peaceful, and meaningful lives. And I want to share that gift with you!

Articles About the Creative Process

How to Nurture Your Creative Process

I'm also sharing recorded conversations with other inspired creators AND a few of the things I've learned over 30+ years of creating on purpose and on demand.

I’d love for you to watch my videos on YouTube about the creative process.

Maybe you’ll find some inspiration & learn how your unique creative process might guide your life.